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About Deepali

I am Deepali Yeragi, i come from India and my father was a Yogi. I have been raised by him in analternate and loving life keeping Yogic and Ayurvedic principles as the base for our living.

While i had a career that was all - encompassing, I never imagined of taking up Yoga to initiatepeople into this path of self-realisation, knowledge and transformation. However, when life gavemany experiences that asked me to look inwards I found few answers in the ancient scriptures of Patanjali Sutra and Bhagwad Gita. And, the journey continues.

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In 2015, a SOL - Waldorf School was grounded by me and my late husband. From hereon, i followthe fundamentals of Rudolf Steiner and having lived in the Yoga Ashram that gave me an insightabout my own life and others and the power of the ancient science from the east i imbibe thephilosophy of Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Here, i successfully completed the Advance Teachers’ TrainingCourse by The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India.

In the slow process of discovery, she brings her own experience of the Yoga Ashram, her own lifeinto the space that we hold for each other and on the journey to heal our inner child with love andease.

With Obst-SOLAWI and Hermann Kley I find my calling again to serve the world in my most authentic self and to find a peaceful, loving way of simply being.
I welcome you all to my abode!

Courses she makes

Yoga Nidra

 for deep sleep and relaxation


 for relieving stress and anxiety/ burn out

Mantra chanting

for clarity

Ayurvedic slow food cooking

Way towards intermittent fasting

Silent retreats


Patanjali Sutra and Bhagwad Gita readings

Yoga the path to Initiation

Teacher Training program


"I was going through a really low phase of my life when Deepali said come home we'll figure a way out. I've known Deepali for quite a few years. I was also working in a kindergarten started by her. So i went to her place. She saw that i was extremely low She sat with me (if you know Deepali - her mere presence calms you) she showed me a few breathing techniques and said just be with your breath before starting this ritual where we read excerpts from a book, we meditated ....she took me to another world completely. I had never felt so calm and calmposed before. We did this 2 or times a week for about a month... That experience was phenomenal Deepali is just amazing. Lots of Love and light to you darling 🤗 😘 "

Nidhi Gera

"Nachdem ich an einigen Yogaterminen bei Deepali teilgenommen habe, hat sich mein Eindruck von sehr authentischem indischen Yoga nur bestätigt. Ihr Yoga ist sehr meditativ, vielfältig, ganzheitlich und es kamen jedes Mal für mich neue Aspekte hinzu. Eine klare Empfehlung für alle, die eine Alternative zum „Fitness-Yoga“ mögen und gerne Übungen erlernen möchten, die auch über eine längere Zeit am Tag ohne extremes Auspowern in den Alltag integriert werden können."

Alex Fenke

"Durch Deepali habe ich erfahren, was sich hinter dem großen Begriff „Yoga“ verbirgt und dass die Asanas, die wir in unserer westlichen Welt vielerorts praktizieren, nur einen Ausschnitt aus dieser Lehre darstellt. Deepali hat die besondere Gabe, tiefe energetische Blockaden in meinem Inneren zu spüren und mit ihnen zu kommunizieren. Ich schätze ihre Präsenz, Integrität und ihren Humor"

Reza Karina

"Ich bin total begeistert von Ihrem Yoga mir bringt das sehr viel Ihre Übungen so intensiv und ruhig man kann richtig runter kommen.Ich kanns nur weiter empfehlen 👍👍👍 "


"Yoga with Deepali is grounding. The sessions make you reflect and change perspective, also it is great to just be and take a break. She somehow always finds what is needed every session. Very happy to know her"

Rebecca Van Eyndhoven

Things she swears by

Cinnamon Water
on an
empty stomach

Copper Bottle


Children who
guide her

Healing power
of nature


You can contact me for private consultations, group energy healing sessions and corporate sessions
for employees in Stuttgart and Tübingen on deepali(at)